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Traditional Japanese yakitori balanced with modern ramen

A casual Japanese eatery from the owner of Komeyui

Yaki Tori Bar is a modern Japanese yakitori and ramen bar, established by Motomu Kumano (‘Kuma’), owner of Komeyui. Located in Komeyui’s former site in Port Melbourne, we specialise in both traditional yakitori and our signature chicken ramen.

True to Japanese tradition, we source local products and ingredients of the highest quality, and use Japanese simplicity to bring out their best flavours.

We invite you to come in, take your coat off and relax, ready to sample some of the tastiest Japanese yakitori and ramen in Melbourne, in a cosy, intimate space.


Rich, soulful chicken ramen

Our signature main dish is our chicken ramen. We pride ourselves on our rich, creamy chicken broth which is warm, filling and satisfying; it’s more like a chicken soup than other ramen styles that have a watery broth.

We source our chicken locally from Bendigo, ensuring it’s always fresh and never frozen. We recommend enjoying our ramen with some of our special Magic Chilli.

And stay tuned for our soon-to-be-released ‘luxury’ ramen!

PS. Our Magic Chilli is a secret housemade blend of spices so good it’s…magical.

Yaki Tori Bar signature Chicken ramen with magic chilli


Chef Motomu Kumano

Executive chef and owner Motomu Kumano (‘Kuma’) is well-known for his first restaurant Komeyui, a traditional sushi and sashimi restaurant which he opened in 2011 and is now located in South Melbourne.

Kuma grew up in the small Japanese fishing town of Shiraoi in the Hokkaido prefecture. He developed a passion for food and started cooking at the young age of 16. At the age of 19, he enrolled in Tsuji culinary institute in Osaka, one of the best culinary schools in Japan.

After achieving many awards as a student, Kuma was invited to join some of the busiest restaurants in Osaka. In 2005, Kuma moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he was quickly offered the position as a sushi chef at Kenzan Japanese Restaurant, before moving on to establish Komeyui.

Chef Momotu Kumano serving yaki tori with a Sapporo beer

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